Letra de Toynbee
I saw the future, it was dirty
But I told you it's clean
I had a vision we could change it
With a twist to the human machine

With blood and water, wood and fire
I perfect the scene
Joy electric, live forever
Now this completes the measure of my scheme

Take it back forward (4x's)

I see utopia where skeptics see
A tick of the clock
Your chains will keep you far from freedom
Unless you rise above the streets that you walk

Get past the lies that paint the skies
Until you're left with just rock
Begin the change already done
Convection won't wait for the current to stop

Take it back forward (4x's)

Let's take back what we've fought so hard to create
We won't be remembered for waiting
There's no turning back when your fist hits the air
Cause tomorrow begins starting now