Letra de Jesus Christ
The holiest redeemer
Cruel judge upon sinner
Reward for humble servants
Burning fire for pagans

Fear from the Hell and the Purgatory
Belief in the Heaven Paradise
Reality - only a cold grave
For both - guilty and guitless

Jesus Christ Nazareth
God's Father's holy son
Master of human fate
His fate is in the hands of Jews

The almighty saviour
On Heaven's altar
The Incapable Carrion
Twisted on the cross

Jesus Christ defended the others
But didn't defend himself
Belief in Jesus is only for them
Whom don't belive in themselves

Fear from the Hell
Belief in Paradise
Only a cold grave

Jesus Christ Nazareth
He governs over the course of whole being
But he didn't prevent himself from his death
And he had to hang on the cross

Dog's death for the dog !

The Incapable Carrion
Twisted on the cross

The strange sign of the Act of God
Demonstration of his incapability
The worshipping of powerlessness
Scorn of human stupidity