Expansion of the Church Letra

Maniac Butcher

The Incapable Carrion

Letra de Expansion of the Church
Free land, free people
Don't except the beginning of the period of the cross
Invasion of unknown priest from the South
With strange sign of death on the cross

Bearers of the light of knowledge
The goodness on tongues, lies in the hearts
Missions - expansion of the religion
The cross took the edge of barbarian sword

Damnation of old symbols
The trust in a new prophet
Formerly worshipped heroes
Are thrown down to Hell

Humility of baptized people
The last doubt was died away
The replacement of the old cult
By Latin devotion

Obedient to Master lambs
Deprived of their own thoughts
Chained dark shadows
Waiting for their salvation

From the barbarian to the christian
From the master to the slave
And from the hunter
To the baited game

Centuries only in ascetism
Utterly changed the most of people
But still in that filth
The infidels lived

The hidden idea of revenge
For the ruination of people's mind
Lives in the heart of enemy
Of the false messiah

Now here is the right time for the opening of eyes
For the rousing from lethargy
For the taking of the weapon
And for the ejection of Vatican's serpents

From the christian to pagan
From the slave to the master
Menace and fear
For the enemies

The new master has sat on the dark throne
Strenght - freedom - the weapon for people
He will turn Christ's churchs into dust
So, Holy Church, dread his revenge !