Letra de Outburst003
Outburst003 Video:

Yeah, outburst from the outskirts
I'm the one they rate second and they doubt first
Sitting in my house with the loud herbs
And my bitch cause I ain't even got mates
I serve the beef on a hot plate
One-up cause I'm an outcast like André
It used to be Max [?]
I don't even know what they're on, shame
[?] ain't fucking with me
Cause I didn't write him a letter while he sat up in jail
Long time, I ain't seen Danny and Targo
Word is Maxsta went off the rail
That's family and we ain't even on the same scale
Should've clocked that, I should've kept it moving
I was drugged up, all slow like a snail
It's like every time I tried fitting in
It don't work, me and them can't get along
Sometimes it's my fault, but some man hate
Cause I dress better than them and I make better songs
And I'm that cheeky Max, cheeky Max
Baby mum beater, face Peter Pan
I'ma never get old, still look like I did
When it was me and Aks penning them flows
Got a new one, I'm letting it go
Long time, Manga's been my big bro
I ain't gotta see him to show him respect
Bulletproof love for my bros never ends
Think they've heard the last of Maxsta
Stupid, must've had a hole in your head
You're just caught up in a circle of bread
And I don't wanna nyam that Hovis again, look
Sitting in the studio on my own
Phone's gone quiet, used to ring loads
Me and Michael used to link hoes
Till I fucked Shanice, then my heart turned cold
Sorry I don't wanna be a part of the hood
I moved around so much
Had eight postcodes, fucked dargs in the hood
Had so many but they wanna starve in the hood
We used to smoke weed, rob phones
Beat up pricks, get money, rip bras in the hood
Got banned from my whole school area
Cuh I never had no class in the hood
Seen pain, seen blood, seen death
Seen a yout bleed to death, it's hard in the hood
Jack boys, they clock your car in the hood
There's buff tings with chlamydia in the hood
So who can I trust? Max
If I get a bring-in, who are gonna buss? Max
Who got shanked on a bus, same time
Had his face on the side of a bus? Max
Who's eight spring rolls deep? Max
Made six tunes last week? Max
Looked after my dargs, they forgot
And we still don't speak, that's Max