Vargstenen (Englisch) Letra


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Letra de Vargstenen (Englisch)
Light falls slowly Over the cesspools of the desert Sunna rises slowly In the cold morning A flame of hope To the power of the Gift Stone To unfetter heavy shackles In this night Faint is the power of my Fylgja A cold taste of iron Follows its weak song That resounds billowing in the wind Falling down at the stones foot Glowing runes that bind In the carved body of the dragon The blood red trace of the iron tooth The hateful deeds of vandals Wrath rises again Body without a soul Soul without a body Collecting thought and mind Awaiting the falling of the sun A cleansing fire In the crystal of the mountain Under the light of the Northern Star A son of the earth of the North Calls the Gods by their names Calls beings of Above Fey creatures of six directions Calls beings of Below Spirits of my forefathers, stand by me Runes from the web of Urd Ancient vibrating power Four runes from nine worlds From the tree in the centre of the world I call upon Reid for protection Fire, Air, Water and Earth Upon Gefn for sacrifice and gift In the deep of the mountain Algiz for the power of Fylgjas The power of the Wolf, my brother-half Ken the devastating fire For cleansing and broken bonds The light of the crystal blinded my sight A vibrating rumble filled the world The fire of Surt was stricken from the earth Glowing runes were scorched out A rumbling abysmal roar Ancient power released The glittering eye of Odin Delivered from the Wolf Stone Union of the soul... The cleansing of souls in fire Joined together in the web of destiny The cleansing of souls in fire...