Nio Dagar, Nio Nätter (Englisch) Letra


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Letra de Nio Dagar, Nio Nätter (Englisch)
Glittering eyes in the dark Like rock-crystal The rumbling symphony of the mountain Wells from its gap Nails that tear skin Burrow down Uplifted in the flesh The water of life flows A shimmer of pain Shows its face Beautiful but terrible The Queen of the mountain Look into her eyes The light fills my mind A swift torrent of images Veils the world Blood sputtered stone Cries of kin Blood-winged phantoms Under the eye of the night Compelled by hunger Retaliation Sacrifice for victory Ulfhednar, the time of the wolf Nine days, nine nights In the grip of the nightmare Nine days, nine nights A sacrifice for life The twisted dance of the Huldra Nine days, nine nights A gift from the grave Venom in a swift flow Along the walls Eyes of serpents glow in the depths The gaze of betrayal in the gaping hole A stinking breath From toothless gaps From the tongues of serpent mouths Venomous speech... A thunder awakes my senses All is once more black Gone is the tunnel That brought me here Spirited away into the deep No way out Bound and captive Is this my ending...