En Fallen Fader (Englisch) Letra


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Letra de En Fallen Fader (Englisch)
Gazed up into the night Stricken and driven to the ground Dazed, filled with bitterness Could not see clearly Fumbled among thoughts My soul pursued My brother-half compelled Heard the children of the night Heard the children of the night... My children As the rain fell cool A song of despair echoed Over a fallen father Grief soon turned to wrath Caught in the fire No way out Cuts, blows and taunts They bound a soul, my wolf brother My wolf brother... Brother in blood Fallen again Into billowing seas The gloom of the mind Timelessly mocking Voices of treachery Resounding incantations From the mouths of vandals Excruciating pains Separated, bound A vague recollection Of being lifted up In faraway gloom The faint sound of fire