Letra de Forged In Fire
On mighty wings of vengeance
Across a blackened sky
The moon reflects in cold dark eyes
Flying high, flying free
Above a poisoned land
All ripped apart, torched and burned

Like a fenix rising
From the ashes of souls
Awakened, condemned to be
Rising from the ashes
Of what once used to be... me
I will be set free

Forged in fire
Cleansed by the sword
Baptized in blood
Born a seed of war
Forged in fire
Possessed by the hate
Behold, this is my fate

I am the midnight sky
I am the haunting shadow
I am the firestorm
Burn in bloody hell
I am the blood red sky
I am the black horizon
I am the hero
I'm everything you'll never be
I am berserker
The warrior from the north
I am the burning flame
A new dawn will rise

Blood, fire, ashes, dust
Retaliation's near
Avenger in blood
Collector of souls
Retaliation's here

Raven eye
Raven claw
Spread your wings
Raven eye
Raven claw
I spread my wings
I fly