Letra de April's End
I've been silently falling, forsaking the call
Long winded example, forsaking us all
About forty miles down I've been driving alone
Just need a place to run, just to run from it all
Run so free across the river pine
It's almost easy just to make it home in time to eat
I guess I could make it on my own so long as there's a fate
Looking like April's end is just part of the race
Cold waves through my head flushed down on the side
Just need a running table, hell bent to stay alive
Right or wrong the rows fall into place
High or low the expressions on their face say it all
Maybe me and the fire are calming down while the sands of time could write me the words from reason to rhyme
Or perhaps to pave the road that's calling still
Roads never seem to fade like pictures often will
Like this photograph of you in the morning light
Days went slow and swiftly past on by the night
There's been saints caught dancing in the rain
There's been rookies at the line, giving all they'd care to mention, just reeling at the sign
So be careful to wait, it's a challenge, a fight
As for me and my old age seem to dim the burning light
Came to this here land in 1945
It wasn't easy, but we managed to survive the heat