Letra de All I Own
Does a river overflow, rumble and roll? It can't hold on anymore
No fear to compromise
Wallow up and rise, in an unforgiving world
Does a river bend and weave, just to flow out to the sea, between lives and dreams
Does it hope that in the end, it can rest up on the sand, in a peaceful autumn breeze?

Hey baby, take my hand
Hold me close, don't make me stand all alone
Just enough is all I own
Still, I have it all just my way

Got a letter from a friend who stops by now and then with a smile on his face
He's losing mind and losing sight
Of the fast trains rolling by, and harmony to fate, one wonders what's in store for a boy, who wanders more into casting stones away
Does he hope that in the end, he can rest up in the sand, with his thoughts set out to sea?