Letra de Reach Out
Sometimes I wonder how I'd feel If time should ask to pay the bill Of every whim that made me nasty to you But if you tried to make me see That all the blame is down on me, boy I wouldn't be convinced of it too 'Cause I will be devoted 'till the end of time But I just can't deny what I need And I need you everyday To take all possible care It's our love you have to pet and too feed I'm giving you my love and my life And everytime we're caught up in a strife I'm giving all my best to make you out So why don't you try, boy, to reach out Well, I pretend the world is mine But won't you give me little sign You mean to help me to feel sheltered and proud So when I'm sure you've got it wrong Don't take a stand and come along Though I know I wouldn't pass in a crowd Just say you'll be devoted 'till the end of time In spite of any flaw we point out 'Cause I have many faults but I'm not a liar And all I wanna do is reach out For a hand to catch me if I fall Is your hand stong enough to bring me all the love that I need?