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Letra de By Your Side
I'd be saving all my love If you just wanted me to And I'd give it to you, don't you tear it apart You can lay down on me Anytime you think that you need I'd be ready to feed All the hunger in your heart So come into my life The door is open, you see 'Cause you can count on me Can I count on you? Come along and give me all the things I can't do without Show me what love is about, if you want it too And I'll be by your side forever and ever Every day, every night, all my life with you You can take your time to think About this really good deal 'Cause I can make you feel Like a prince or a king But you gotta do the same And treat me like a princess Don't you fake or finesse I deserve my diamond ring So come into my door My heart is open, you see And I'm ready to be always by your side Come along and be the one That I kiss when I wake up No I won't give you up, no no And I swear I'm gonna be so fine You're not gonna waste you time So daddy won't you say you'll be mine? Baby, I can make you shine!