Letra de I Think I Know
I think about my reason in life, in time in you
Why I meet certain people, I don't have a clue
All is for a purpose I will someday find
As of right now, these questions boggle my mind
I'm so lucky to have the friends that I do
Life is such a good thing. It's meant for me and you
Whenever you are troubled you will find
All your problems will be gone in time
I try to find the good in every single day
But at times there are things that blow me away
Puts me in a spell to where I feel like shit
Always working for the better I will never quit
Bad things happen, but there's a reason why
Always getting stronger, till the day I die
Life is what I make it, has always been
Karma has proven right time and time again
There are two sides to everything I see
A positive and negative there must always be
The way I want to view is up to me, I know
Whichever looks best, I will choose to go
If I choose wrong, it will soon attack
Get me in a fix, just to pay me back
If I choose right, and back it up with hope
Something good will come to me
Just when I need it most
There's one thing I'll never know right
The price a person has to pay for taking someone's life
When it comes to daily things, karma does prevail
But when it comes to killing, my answers always fail
Killing's hardly good, we know it's mostly bad
No matter what the case, death is always sad
Positive and negative in every right
Who lives that really knows about the after life?
I know about my reason I live in time with you
Why I meet certain people, I now have a clue
All is for a purpose, I will someday find
Until then I'll use the positive portion of my mind