Under The Banner Of Suffering Letra


Under The Banner Of Suffering

Letra de Under The Banner Of Suffering
Something in the sky begins to tremble
Something in my eyes begins to burn
Tearful shadows appear around me
Death has moved, a taste of despair assails mankind
They arise from beyond. Relentless legions, invisible death
Sunset brings horrific revelations from an ancient age
Sunset brings the final element for this forbidden summoning.

The flag of blood streams in the wind
They will build their kingdom on your ashes
They are addicted to the joy of slaughter
Viscous humans are their toys
See this hole wide open on your torso
See your bowels split in the dust.

Lifeless bodies begin to pill up
Wholesome madness begins quells my heart
Dressed with the pain, I join them under the banner.

Your beheaded child wanders among the burning ruins
Screams of suffering are breaking free from his non existent mouth
Your raped wife gives birth to the unutterable
Bringing forth is for her mutilation.

The flesh has become totally made
My well being in boundless at the night of this ocean of corpses in mutation
An eldritch chasms tears the sky
Humanity's fate falls into nothingness

See the kingdom of dust rising to the impious eyes
Such a vulture rushing on his carrion
See the chaos devouring the excrement on the altar of rancour.