Letra de The Ethereal Legion
A battlefield at the time when the moon is rising
An eagle sings for the enemy shall die
War hymns echo in the night
The voice of Death from the mouths of our knights
Sword in the hand, with no fear we arrive
We are pleased to crush the people of Christ

End your prayers now, Christian shit
Time has come for you to resent your belief
Kill for annihilation
You are the weakest blood, you shall die with your son
We will eradicate your cursed churches
Crucify you all after you are cut of.

We are one with the beast
We are one with the fallen angel.

Bow down before us, your faith is lost
Down on your knees, your life is ours
Truckle to our splender, your torment is born.

The army of the goat walks
Another Christian village we will strike
Rising above a mountain of skulls
Mesmerized by the beauty of their dead bodies.

Surrender now and your death will be quick
Show resistance and we will torture you for eternity
Kill with delight
No mercy we feel when we hear your wiwes screaming
Let your child be burnt, his blood spilling
Let yourself be tempted by this dark evil feeling.