Letra de Stronghold Of Witchery
Crusaders walked on this sacred land
Blessed by a gathring of sorcerers
The eath cried, her heart bled
Soiled by the presence of the dirt
They came with their snivelling religion
Burned this immaculate site
Besmirched this majestic landscape
All beauty faded with their coming.

Crusaders were slaughtered at the great prestness's behest
They were emptied of their blood and their viscous were a regal feast
Witches built a great keep with the bones of the dastards
Impious bastion of the brave
In order to check the Christian invasion
The black tower screams....

The blood of the apocryphal knights, the lewdness of Christ's slaves
Have given a soul to the dark tower
It exists to keep black arts sheltered from the hordes of the factitious god
See the splendour of our sovereign keep...
Secret site of pagan rites
Symbol of the war against the cursed invades of Christ.

Lost in the mist, the last bastion will survives
One day its hatred will glitter again...
...ad infinitum.