Letra de Maleficentia
She has cried, tears of blood all night long
Pregnant virgin, long before the age of Christ
In a spring, she had met a male demon
Incubus, he had raped her mind
Mary was her name
Though aware that she carried evil
She could not resolve herself to kill him.

The demon was born, she would not outlive his arrival
But thanks to her, the most perfect creature was free
He brought her back, gave her the shape of a demon
A succubus, her beauty was close to perfection
Maleficentia, they offered her a demonic name
She was born, half demon, half goddess
Queen of the damned, mother of the evil prince.
Wind of horror blew, greetings to her arrival
The demonic reigns upon the feeble humans began
She stood motionless at the right of her son, the beast
Insensitive to the pain that endured those who once were brothers of her.

Maleficentia, queen of the damned, she will remain
As the first day of her immortal life
Maleficentia, spread your black wind across the land
And burn the faces of those who cannot bear your sight.

Once more she gave birth
To a million of mutant beings
Incestuous birth for she had copulated with the beast.

With her, pain became an erotic game
Her beauty split madness and her blood shed death
Her kingdom was flesh, human blood flowed like a river
Only strong minds reached to find her mercy
Disease, war, were some of her tremendous weapons
She usedthem to slay paltry mortals.

A link of blood with filthy mankind
Made her hatred for them grew stronger every time
Her countless children fell down on earth
Their only presence
Was a suffering for humanity
Maleficentia, humanity has wounded her immacule heart
Because of its unsightliness, because of its slightness
Maleficentia, half demon, half goddess
Queen of the damned, mother of the evil prince.

Centuries passed, one day they felt asleep
They felt the need to rest for new tortures to be dreamed of.

A speel was cast, to keep them in eternal night
But still they breathe and the prophecy foretells their return.