Letra de Gods Of Lankhmar
Shadow comes upon Nehwon's sky
The conspirator will have to die
Coming chaos inside Lankhmar
Words of rebellion will lead to war
They shall come, the guardian gods
Bring justice through destruction
They must awake from their sleep
By the power of black magic.

The priests, they sing....
We hail thee, we, servants of the evil circle
We hail thee, keepers gods of Lankhmar
Bring the fire, justice through destruction.

Their coming will cost many innocent deaths
The price to pay for their immortal srength
Mummified evil undead lords
Kept alive by the magic of gods
The throne of Lankhmar
Remains ours....

Through cannot kill what is not
Touchable by mortal weapons
Dead you will be before the rise of the sun.

At times when the existence is only a memory
And whereas the sky eludes his desperate torment,
The old gods make fall a shroud of morning on the creation,
Tearing the landscape of agony.

Their faces you shall not see
The blade will pierce your eyes and pain will be....

Torture of your mind
The only memory of your mortal life
The vengence of these gods
Is stronger than the most powerful strom.

Slayer gods, keepers of the throne
Bring us fire, purification
Holocaust will be the only justice in this land
Holocaust will be salvation for the feeble ones

Those who are ready to die...