Letra de War Eternal
War, eternal war... I have seen the blood of many
Fear, in their eyes... The same fear that they always pridely try to hide
War is my name

They came early in this misty day
Thousands of men on those bloody ways
Soiled by the corpses of their fathers
Anger in heart, they will fight 'till death
Against the invader's corpsegod on the cross
Then the true children of the earth
The ancient flame is burning in their mind

They came to fight but they knew would meet their fate
These are the ways of war, eternally, proud men meet death
Death rules my heart and this cursed land
Death is the aim that they all secretly seek

Something in their heart, growing so strong, no god could ever take it away
For their pride is strong and in a secret realm
The old ones are keeping them
The unholy pride will never go away
This raging war will never end
Men of war, the battle fields await
Proud to die for this was their fate.