Sacrificial Summoning Letra


Born Of Steel And Fire

Letra de Sacrificial Summoning
Tonight I summon thee, please take me away
I deny this poisonous gift, this life, this pain
Heal me my lord, help me and cut my flesh
Burn my body, and let my spirit escape

I can hear your whispers in the night
Ordering to achieve the sacrifice
And let my blood run free
So I can fly away
Moving slowly to the altar
I celebrate the end of my life
My blood falls into the pentagram
And the dagger danses through my heart

I begin my journey in the night
Flying shadow between the stars
In front of the realm of death I stand
Winged demons lead my way
In the lower abyss I am reborn
To serve by the side of my lord
Under the flag of the horn
Commander of the strongest demon hord
This night I summoned thee, and you took me away
I denied this poisonous gift, this life, this pain
You heald me, my lord, you helped me and cut my flesh
You burnt my body, and let my spirit escape

Once again... I am standing...
Be your side... Under your shadow...
There come the days when evil reigns
Join us and be part of our kingdom
Or die and suffer as our slave in the other world... forever

Now I reign far away from the light
In the abyssal realm we'll start the fight
Evil hords will awake from there night
And reappear on earth to distroy life
I will have my revenge upon them
Jewish, christians and muslims
The ones who made this life a wast
Will be burnt, cut off or impaled.