Immortality Through Evil Letra


Born Of Steel And Fire

Letra de Immortality Through Evil
I can't close my eyes
And I feel paralysed
Black death touched my skin
My body is rotting

Cloaked be the smell of death
I cannot see through the mist
An obscure glow strikes my eyes
Spirits travelling through the night
My soul is still inside
But I know that they will try
To take it from my body
I feel their claws ripping my skin

Harassing me again and again
Tormenting my mind
Hammering in my head

They call my name with ghostly voices
The beauty of Lady Death is tempting me
I feel her embrace, the soft skin of her breasts
Trying to get my love, trying to steal my soul

I will not surrender
For I know that I am stronger
Death cannot frighten me
I am allied with evil spirits
My flesh is decomposed
But the struggle still lives on
I shall reincarnate
And be victorious over death

Stronger than death
I am immortal
Allied with evil
I am eternal.