Letra de Heavenly Enemies
The time of the confrontation has come
Between me and the soldiers of god
Facing my heavenly ennemies
Feel that the fight now has to begin

Thou shall die in front of me
Thou shall suffer eternally
Thou shall bow down eventually
Thou shall cry for my mercy (in vain...)

I see the light, the heavenly betrayer's attack
His fire's not real, I now inside that I already hold victory
Terror divine, he realises now that the scale turns for me
Dagger in hand, I already can smell the blood of God

Facing my heavenly ennemies
Numerous but weack in front of me
Facing my heavenly ennemies
I am the cure to your desease, your life...

What on earth have you won
Followong him, Jehova's son
And now that you die on your knees
I will make you repent for this

All dead, the confrontation is won
All in hell, the soldiers of god
God is dead, for his servants are gone
By the purest eradication

My heavenly enemies
All dead, dust gone with the wind
Celebration of our victory
Drink the blood as Jehova bleeds.