Born Of Steel And Fire Letra


Born Of Steel And Fire

Letra de Born Of Steel And Fire
Under an evil sky, in a dark moonshine we ride
Stormsound of our black horses make the feeble fear and hide
We choose to ride at night, we choose to kill them all
We will never feel no mercy because we are the Hellspawns

Come to me, come and fight
Die as a man, you feeble rat

Eternally we ride and fight
Slaying and burning christian sites
Eternally, we will stay strong
To prove the men of god tha they are wrong

...Of steel and fire...

Running in our heads, our thurst for blood never stops
We are hunting human rats, for they polluate this world
At moonlight nine shadows ride and sing ancient pagan songs
We are black knights serving evil, Born of steel and fire

Born of steel and fire...

War is the aim of our lives
Existing for slaying mankind
Steel shells and weapon we wear
Fire burns inside our heads

Under an evil sky, in a dark moonshine we ride
With horses blacker than death and wolves screaming in the night
The christian world quakes, fear is inside them
And we shall dominate this earth that is ours
The frenzy of mass genocide has made us become lords
Lords of death and destruction, lords of war, steel and fire
Weack blood shall not exist, not in the world we'll create
From humanity's hunt, we shall see the true warriors.