The American League Is A Junior Circuit Letra

Madison Bloodbath

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Letra de The American League Is A Junior Circuit
Calling a doctor would be a pretty nice gesture
My hands are slow moving and my mind is fading faster
But for now I'll just self-medicate
I'm going to drink through all the fevers
Drip-dry every bar in town
I'm going to smoke two packs an hour
These past few weeks have been a blur to me
And though I claim I don't need anything
Please don't fall asleep
I'm staying up tonight
These feet desperately need help walking straight lines
Disregard the mumbling and broken English
It's the indication that my meds are kicking in
Call in the Camel, he goes great with a bottle
This party won't be kicked off right unless we double up on the poison
To hell with all those fairy tales whereby dark times turn lighter
Where the hero overcomes each trail and he comes out all the stronger
Each day I wake only to fake this smile
This drinking streak has held strong for quite some time