If "Ifs" Were Fists, We'd All Be Jacked Up Letra

Madison Bloodbath

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Letra de If "Ifs" Were Fists, We'd All Be Jacked Up
Someone told me drunk and laughing, nervously backing up
He said, "I think you're the last to know, she found her life."
For a second I felt daggers piercing my rib cage and carved in my chest plate
"Rest in Peace, You Drunk, May Flights of Nightmares Settle In."

She's the one alcoholics love
It's nature's cure, so they don't care
I wrote half these fucking songs to convince myself that I don't care anymore

If there's gunshots involved, I'll take front lines gladly

If there's a chance in Hell then maybe the coma will let me up
Instead of shutting my systems down, they'll function
Then again, I'd still be right here accepting this fiction
Playing for no one on these strings so dull, I'll need tetanus shots for weeks