Emotional Bruises Letra

Madison Beer

Dear Society

Letra de Emotional Bruises
Emotional Bruises Video:
How do I word this?
Was about to write you this letter but it was just curses in cursive
You probably deserve it
But that’s so impersonal, should tell you in person
I hope it don’t hurt you, but then I’ve been hurt too, by you
The truth is, all you do is leave me emotional bruises
So I’ll cut the cord on this before it’s too late
If I don’t end this today, my heart’ll end up in a body bag
Can’t do this no more, you call me your life support

‘Cause this is the fifth time, I’ve taken you back
It’s the fourth time that we’ve relapsed
It’s the third-second chance that I’ve given you
For the first time, let this be the last time