Jive Muthafu@k@$ Letra


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Letra de Jive Muthafu@k@$
[Mr. Lil' One:]
Ha ha
Lil' One, Maddogg
Representin' nothin' but the Sick, homeboy
Get whatever you got to get and protect you
Cause we comin'

[Verse 1: Maddogg]
Lil' One, gimme the gun, homie, making 'em all run
I'm spittin' venom, don't let 'em, cause I'm a have fun
I'm on some killin' shit
Murder shit
Fool, we's the shit
Here, dawg
Hit this lick
Now we gon' bang through them sets
[? ], make your t-shirts wet
Big dawgs, slam the garbage lid
On them fake ass wannabe weak rap
Creased out
Swoop off, hop off, hit up
On all these suckers
Maddogg, start the raucous
From Oxnard to Diego
Affiliated with sin, big Dogg
And Lil' O
Hit them corners, test on us, you gettin' nathan
No salvation
Oh, mercy, mercy, me
Hit the weed, sit, bleed, ridin' on me
Cock back, hold back, we's them young hoggs
Lil' One, and Maddogg

[Chorus: Mr. Lil' One]
Lil' One, the Maddogg, both comin' through
Fags talk shit, but they ain't got a clue
Fools always ride, cause we jive, motherfuckers
Give it all you got, keep tryin', motherfuckers


[Verse 2:]
[Lil' One:]
Comin' in, in a Blaster, midgets always askin'
"Lil', can you laugh, can I get your autograph"
Here's a dick for your tonsils
Now swallow
Lil' and the Maddogg
Now swallow
Follow me, the leader
Twisted off the meter
Bleed through my bloodstream
I had a dream
Just the other day, about this bitch, Alize
Fuckin' with my mental
Playin' in the background, 'bout to get my mack down
Wolves always woof
Bout to get the smackdown
Cause I really, really don't give a damn
How you brag and you talk, "You the man"
[Maddogg:] BULLSHIT
You'se a jive motherfucker
[Lil' One:]
Give it all you got, keep tryin', motherfucker
Lil' One, the Maddogg, both comin' through
You fake motherfucker
You ain't got a clue

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Maddogg]
Fools don't be knowing
Maddogg be showin'
Sick motherfuckers
Cummin' while they blowin'
Back from the dead
The evil would spread
Put the chrome, to your dome, fill you with the hot lead
Hollar if you hear me
Cry if you fear me
Weak motherfuckers, death when you see me
You react, contact, shots from the gun blast
I blast
Hot metal burn fast
I'm a killer
Triple six blood spiller
This for realer
Dogg's killin' for the thriller
Say a prayer
Beggin' to your savior
Evil player
I'm the one that hate ya
In the name of the Father, Son and Spirit
You see the light
I got you walkin' near it
I bring hell, when I bail, jive sucker
Give it all you got, keep tryin', motherfucker

[Chorus x2]