Say Yeah Letra



Letra de Say Yeah
[Intro: Yosef]
Put your hands in the air
Put your hands in the air

[Hook: Tshawe]
Say yeah (yeah)
Put your hands in the air and say yeah (yeah)
I'm finally here
Got my friends on my right
We're gonna party tonight
Say yeah

[Verse 1: Tshawe]
Let's ride tonight
No matter what we bound to take flight
Cause I'm feeling alright tonight
I'm gonna do whatever I like
If you came to party, I hope you got some shawties
Cause I'm feeling like ''yeah'' tonight
We're gonna start this party of right
Everybody on the floor
Looks like an ocean and I'm riding away
'Til you trip and fall
Closer to what you wanna throw on my way
Cause she dress so hot
Like the [?] cause they love when we chase
So we stay fly, so high like we can take you away

[Bridge: Tshawe & Stori]
Got that spades of ace on it
Texas Hold 'Em and we go all in
Show me what you want, what and where
Go harder, harder, but don't break in


[Verse 2: Stori]
No cares, we in here
Tonight we stay young forever
Short days, long nights
Sleep in 'til whenever
Feel like I-I, feel like I-I
Feel I just had the worst day ever
Head out my-my, head out my-my
Checks make this a night to remember
Not only do I feel like I'm the shit, but it's so
I'm doing extra, yes, I'm doing too much now
We stunted hard on everyone in here, being bad and it shows
Flashing out the bar so hard you're gonna need a raincoat, oh, oh



[Verse 3: Yosef]
You're rocking with a buckwild team
So good even haters put their blocks on me
I'm loving how we rock so free
And I'm not afraid to fail cause it's not gon' be
Dammit, I'm a lion
Body full of scars, but I'm hard so ain't got cold feet
Whatever, man, it's hot, don't sleep
If you're good with it everybody rock on three

[Bridge 2]
Put your hands in the air
Put your hands in the air
Put your hands in the air