The Rap Up 2004 Letra

Mad Skillz

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Letra de The Rap Up 2004
[Time keeps on slipping...slipping...slipping]

It's ya boy Skillz ya'll with the facts fa sho
Back to recap 2004
Now, things started out cool and plain
Till Janet whipped her boob at the Super Bowl game
I know the girl moves in cycles
But I never thought a nipple could make the whole world forget about Michael
And rap needed something fresh
In comes Mr. "Jesus Walks" Kanye West
We got him and Mel to thank Jesus Walks
Yeah, after "The Passion" Jesus walked to the bank
And every week, a different hurricane hit
If you ain't have a Blackberry then you prolly had a Sidekick
The gay governor came out and quit
And erybody and they mother had a Black Album remix
?'s was the kicks
And even white people started saying "I'm Rick James, Bitch"
American Idol was dumb
Was I the only one that got sick of seeing William Hung?
Fantasia won, don't get it confused
But with a mouth that huge, how could she lose?
Usher confessed again
If Chili wanted a comeback she shoulda made a record then
Paris Hilton's sex tape got watched
And once they got cold all she said was "That's hot"
Rap made a lot of CREAM
LL came back, looking like he was 16
Mase came back too, did ya'll peep it?
What's funny is he prolly made more money preaching
Shyne was supposed to be the truth
Yo Po, next time ya album comes out, you should come out too
Kobe had a little luck
But here's a fashion tip for the guys, no more button ups
White Tees I spare
Ain't they like 50 for a dollar? They ain't goin nowhere
Who had a Livestrong bracelet? I did
Sad part is you prolly don't even know where yours is
The U.S. B-Ball team got sliced
Roy Jones got his ass kicked twice
Rappers couldn't behave
Tony Yayo came out and went back in a couple of days
Wanna throw up what you ate?
Picture Bridget Nielson in a hot tub with Flavor Flav
Lil Flip came at TI
And then Shaq came at me but I ain't sure why
But I crushed the dude
The day he beats me that'll be the day he won't mumble in his interviews
Lets get serious for a second
Who thought Fherenhite 9/11 would change the election?
For a minute though, voting was fly
And everybody had a shirt that said "Vote or Die"
Seen on everybody from 50 to Jigga
Newsflash to Puff, shirts didn't work nigga
The election was scary
Don't front, don't you feel bad for John Kerry?
For a sec he was a star
Now he prolly in a bar wishing Oprah had given him a car
Dave Chappelle made a lot of cake
Mary Kate Olsen proved money can't buy you weight
Beyonce was on fire
Hottest show on TV? Hands down that would have to be The Wire
Can't believe Stringer got killed
I been to B-More trust me, The Wire is real
If you lip syncing do it well
Ashley Simpson made a fool of herself on SNL
Advice to the kids, don't chance it
Sumpthin go wrong in ya life, screw it start dancing
And designers were snoring
Couldn't do nothing with white tees so we started putting pictures on em
Red and Meth Show was put to rest
Dummy Move of the Year tho? Ron Artest
We all watching like, "Damn you believe this man,"
"Just put his hands up and swung on a fan?"
The nutshell, I'mma make it clear
Ron Artest spent 5 mill on half a cup of beer
Jealousy could be a sickness
Don't believe me? ask Jay-z, he could be a witness
Started out as The Best of Both Worlds
Ended with pepper spray and Kelly about to earl
Ayo Kells, that was whack fam
In some ways you remind me of an old black man
You know how they blame stuff on the white man?