Letra de Pepper Medley
If you were my salt
then I could be your pepper
I'd love you long time
aand nothing else would matter
I would be the carpet
you could be the concrete
people might step on us
but nothing will defeat

our love
nothing will defeat our love
our love
two, three, four,

and if you were the jukebox
I could be your number one hits
would be the spotlight
of those weekday night lights
and if I was to sing a little too loud
not proud
would you come join in
or would you shut me down

would you shut our lovin down
would you
two, three, four,

and if you were the sheets
then I could be the mattress
I would wrap you up
and keep you until breakfast
and then I'd serve some
raison toast and peppermint tea
oh and you'd thank me and
tell me that its yummy

would you tell me that our love is yummy
would you
two, three, four

so did leave my sight
cause I wanna be your partner
and if you try to run
then I will run much faster
and don't you ditch me for some
happy ever after
get down on one knee
and tell me that you'll
marry me

would you bond our love together
would you?
two, three, four