Letra de The New Constitution
Have you seen the new Constitution?
No, not on paper, in our institutions
They circumvent our Founding Fathers promise
Of serving people, not the special interests

Have you seen who make the big decisions?
Greed and money are the new religion
Wall Street's the Vatican, the Fed's the Pope
Doesn't give the common man very much hope

(Spoken) "Well, I've seen the new Constitution,
And the Preamble reads like this.....

We, the corporations of the United States, in order to form a more perfect stranglehold on this nation's economy, establish lobbyist, insure the loyalty of congress, profit from the common defense, dilute the general welfare, and secure the blessings of money to
ourselves and our posterity. To distain and destroy the original Constitution of the United States of America".

Have you seen the new Bill of Rights?
You speak your mind with no facts in sight
The 1st Amendment has been abused
The press yells fire in a crowded room

Michael, Billy. Glenn and Rush
Spew out hat speech, making Annie blush
Some mainstream media's no better, I guess
Their avid fans no better than the press

(Spoken) "Well, I've seen the new 1st amendment
And it reads something like this...

Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion, unless you're a
Mormon who wants three wives, or abridging the freedom of hate speech, or of the press
to misrepresent the truth, or the right of the people to angrily assemble and petition the
Government with misspelled signs and drawing Hitler moustaches on our President".

Then there's the Doctrine of the New World Order
A ruling body, no regard for borders
The biggest backroom deal in all of history
The date of takeover remains a mystery

Here's a couple names you might've heard
Illuminati and Bilderberg
And other secret groups, that's for certain
Pay no attention who's behind the curtain

(Spoken) "Well, I've seen the Doctrine of the New World Order
And it goes something like this...

To control, manipulate and organize the greatest takeover of the world's economy, its energy reserves, and its media. To preserve the Aristocracy of Purpose by influencing
Government leaders to promote the power of the few over the needs of the many.
to break down the individuality of peoples and nations into a One World Government".

(Spoken) "Wake up!"