Letra de Jet Surfer
Well, they're gonna crack a smile, 'cause I got no style
Just a surfer for the first time
And there's a girl in the sand with a Coppertone tan
And she's throwin' me a life line
Oh, these California dudes, laughing at me, acting rude
Cuttin' me off the line
But, I'm gonna get 'em back, give them all a heart attack
What'll they see what I've got in mind

I'll be cuttin' up the waves
King of the sea, remember my name

I'm a jet surfer
Burnin' up the waves
A lil' jet surfer
You won't forget my name

Well, it's taken 30 days, but I'm gonna make 'em pay
Gotta deal on a used Lear jet
A little fabrication here; bring annihilation there
And they ain't seen nothin' yet
Now I'm making my own rules, and I'm acting hard and rude
Blow 'em off with my jets
So I'm headin' back to shore, leaving girls wanting more
Collectin' on all my bets

And they'll all remember who I am
'Cause they'll never leave the land

I'm a jet surfer
Burnin' up the waves
A Lear jet surfer
You won't forget my name

”Look who's laughin' now, baby!
Sure ain't you!
A ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

Now I'm surfin' all alone, got no need to go home
Keeping all the girls impressed
When I see a guy a'comin', so I keep my engines runnin'
Is he gonna challenge me in jest?
Now we gotta new fool using nuclear fuel
And he's bottom turning in my face
So it's back to my garage, braking out laser pods
Goin' surfing in outer space

I'm a jet surfer
Blowin' up the waves
A Lear jet surfer
Here's a brand new day, yeah
A lil' jet surfer
Go on, get outta my way
Jet Surfer

I'm going surfing in outer space