Letra de Supernova
Yea, I said congratulations
On your marriage, on your job and on your graduation
On your baby mama screwing you and proudly taking
Every penny that you work for, then she out vacation
You'll finally pay her mortgage off after a thousand payments
And you don't get to live up in that fucking house just pay rent
And you don't get to see your kids this weekend
Pal you can't pick, them up and take'em to a movies
Man you have to face it
Man you don't get to be their mother fuckin' dad
You ain't Nick, Nick is who your ex dates
Bought your son an xbox, then looked at you like checkmate
Told you that you ain't been a man, moved your son and daughter out of state and ain't give a dam
You ain't in the plan

Congratulations, on your new husband
At the wedding reception he fucked your best friend
Congratulations on the job promotion, you didn't get it
And your the hardest worker there, wait till that sets in

Yo, thats the mission statement for my life
Always love your family always spit that grey shit on the mic
Don't gossip, don't put yourself in situations that are so toxic
Throw the mother fuckin' ball don't lob it
Look, life will always be a mystery you won't solve it
Only way your gonna fail is if your so cautious that you don't move
Not even one step
Not even one blink
Not even one breath
Not even one rep
Put the mother fuckin' weight up, wait up
Watch you try ta make'em love you for, their minds were made up, long ago
Now you gotta prove you got the sharper arrows, stronger bow
When you get to where you go, then listen to the snow
I conquer life, its like i'm Genghis Khan
Bring me a plate of strawberries and filet mignon
I drink your tears like they made of pinot grigio
Mr lethal 3.0 pretty beats, greasy flows

Baby let me see you drop it low
Supernova through the universe and move your booty slow
Money on the flow

I'm sure theres a stripper listening to this album somewhere so just wanted to make sure I still had your attention