Letra de Call Me Bitch
(feat. Big Ray & Lil' Matt)

[Lil' Crippa]
Yeah you better call me bitches, whores & fuckers, you will remember me, let's go

[Chorus: Lil' Cripp (Lil' Matt)]
Call me bitches (what's your number), my number (yeah) you can't fuck with
Lil' Crippa cause hes the best fucker (Yeah), can't fuck wit me, can't catch me,
the best motherfucker is Dick suckin (What), you know im on top of the line,
Can't fuck with D.J. Wine, RL Stine, can't fuck wit niggaz cause you ain't shit (Shit),
Your a bitch (bitch), you better call me bitch

[Lil' Crippa]
This is Lil' Crippa, I know this name ain't good but your name is probably like shit,
Can't fuck with a nigga if you ain't pullin tha trigga, Lil' Crippa likes to Sippa,
Can't wait Rippa, like Big Bitches and whores who try to dippa, can't Supafly hippa,
you ain't havin no fun, like two bitches who have two bibies gunz, yeah, I'm the
best cause you niggaz ain't from the west (Just Kiddin), I represent the Dirty South,
cussin out the fuckin mouth, humpin now, the Crippa family ain't esteemed cause you
bitches can't fuck with Ace Vesteemed, Lil' Crippa the best Sippa, I could Rip You,
you better call me bitches cause I'ma be rippin the heart off like D.J. Quiztid Strippa


[Big Ray]
Big Ray the head of Sting Ray, can't fuck wit niggaz like Dead Sea Head, you bitches
are always hatin, fuckin, suckin, playin and I hate that shit, can't fuck cause I got the
fuckin greatest hit, I'm with Lil' Crippa & Lil' Matt king of tha Big Tat, gots a Big Stat,
Like Jon got fat, with 22 rats yeah, i went to the game, some thought I got framed,
But then I got famed, cause I got some flames, with 2 freakin Benz on the top of the
End, some hoes think that i'm hot but gots a lot of fat, but then I got her back, with
my lac, I like these dayz, I sometimes hate these dayz, cause some bitches Call me
Bitch, they think I snitch, fuck them, they can't fuck with them selfs cause they better
call me bitches who try to get some riches


[Lil' Matt]
Lil' Matt is back, wit a fuckin lac, with a big blue tat, Madam Fuck with a hat,
King of the South, Got a big blue mouth, mother fuck mother damn mother shit without
a stat, you can't fuck wit me Lil' Matt cause you bitches ain't a king of the biggest tat,
and I have tha biggest stat, can't start like that, to be a king you have to do somethin,
like Kevinized who was the king of bitches and knives, like Jon Topeevik, king of big
tall penis, Lil' Matt is the best of best and will become a legend like Andre Wetta,
I have to have a lot of sweata, like Jim & Jon Quiva, you better remember this cause
you bitches better call me not call me a bitch cause you have to call me bitch or you
become like that fuck damn cartoon show Lilo & Stitch yeah


[Lil' Crippa]
The best is here with some deer, you can't have food without some beer, like fuckin
cheerleaders, can't hear with no cheers and you gots to have no fear, like Big Fear
Hear, he could hear your every thought, so think about fear so he could not hear,
you bitches can't fuck, suck and even see a duck, so call me bitches and we could
be togetha and live with no bitches like who fuck snithes yeah

[Chorus: x2]