Letra de Kiss
Some deny and search for things that never come around,
Do I feel like a fool?
The places I have ran to all my life have disappeared,
And I owe this all to you,

I'm feeling like I'm sinking,
And nothing's there to catch me,
Keep me breathing,

What do I have to do?
Why can't this hurt be through?
I'm going head unto,'
Something I know I will fail,
Why can't this kiss be true,
Why won't you please let me through,
I don't understand why you always push me away.

The last thing I would like to do before I go away,
Is cry there next to you, (next to you)
Cry and talk about the good ole' days and where they've gone,
And now how much I hate you


I feel the blood creep off my body
as it pulls right near,
on the ground,
what am I now?
what am I now?
what am I now?

Why you always push me away?