K @ # o % ! (Kunt) Letra


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Letra de K @ # o % ! (Kunt)
f**k you titty suckin, two balled b*tch

With a fat bruised clit

My big compoto b*tch

Oh sh*t, f**king, a** licking, piss sucking, cunt

These nuts on your lips

Kentucky fried kung-pao clits


I don't know what to say

So what don't give up on me now

I don't know what to say, so what

Saggy tits swinging between your fat, crusty arm pits

Big a** hairy mole between your pu**y lips

Cunt, sh*t, cock, d*ck, cunt, tit, barf, piss, balls, a**, pecker, queef

Oh sh*t, f**k, b*tch, d**n f**kin diarrhoea slut, with HIV


I have fought to find something to say,

But now I found something to say

f**k you, Punk a** b*tch