Get You High Today Letra

Kid Ink

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Letra de Get You High Today
[Intro: Kid Ink]
Kid Ink!

[Bridge: Kid Ink]
I said I just rolled one, kush hanging out the blunt
Swisher Sweet, no I don’t do papers
Okay, living everyday like it’s Friday
You ain’t doing nothing, let me get you faded (Gon’ pass that my way)

[Hook: Kid Ink]
You ain’t got no job, I’mma get you high today
Might as well go hard, I’mma get you high today
Forget all your plans, I’mma get you high today
28 grams, smoke it all in a day

[Verse 1: Kid Ink]
Breaking down anywhere, I never hesitate
You know OG what I’m smoking got a type of taste
Elevate your peace of mind baby piece of cake
We too faded, hairline like Lebron James
Blowing kush clouds make a ho precipitate
It’s peer pressure baby I think you should come participate
The hot box going I don’t wanna hear you ventilate
Now take a hit, slow and close your eyes like you finna’ pray
Real nigga say what, I swear to God that you been a fake
Puffing on that Reggie turn a nigga face to Stevie J
Riding round with a quarter pound on the interstate
Ducking from the CHP, my fucking enemy
Me, myself, and a bad bitch; stay round’ trees like a hammock
Tryna’ roll better hold on the handle wait
Got a light gon’ put it to the candle, wax
You ain’t even drop on the work back, you’ve been holding that blunt like a newborn
Talking bout “I got 5 on it”, nigga need to cut that shit out like a coupon
Said you don’t know what that costs
When you going through an ounce 20 times in a month
Pulling up to the bank 20 times in a month
3-65 nigga high as a monk
Keep it low key getting high is a must
Stank in the blunt got it smelling like Must’
OG gee golly, got a nigga stuffed the sativa really don’t do much
I just rolled one, your rotation never done
Nigga eyes sitting low like I’ve been looking in the sun
What you want? Man it’s safe to say I’m the highest nigga working
Nobody perfect, these bitches lurking (they know!)



[Break: Kid Ink]
I said
Kid Ink!
Alumni Bitch!
I’mma get you high today (hey)
I’mma get you high today
These niggas talking crazy, I’mma get you high today
Just put your blunt away, I’mma get you high today
I’mma get you high today (x4)

Ay, I know you don’t smoke weed, I know that, but I’mma get you high today