Letra de Aftermath
Feels like yesterday
You said that you'd be going away
I won't lie
I broke down and cried

Now I'm living in these memories
Your promises and broken dreams
This wasn't how it was supposed to be
For us

So tell me what you hope to find
And all that you would leave behind
I'll change my life I'll change your mind
You are all I have

Every day
There's no one to talk to
I've got nothing to say
I'm barely live

And don't you say
That it's too late for us come another day
'Cause I won't be denied

'Cause all this time a storm's been brewing up
And nowhere here is safe

So come and take me out of this place
Oh save me from the aftermath
We can make new photographs
Oh don't you understand
That you are all I have?

All I have
All I have
All I have
All I have