Porch Climber Letra

Joint Aktion


Letra de Porch Climber
Another pissed and wasted night, don't got nowhere to go
And my brain is swimming in a pool of the cheapest alcohol
Roaming around and I can't go home cause I'm still too fucking drunk
I stagger away with no where to go like a hopeless, useless punk
I had too much to drink again and I'll be wasted all night...all night

I'm wasted again

All the kids of the night they gather at the centre of the square
Popping pills and tripping away, everyone's beyond repair
I just want to stimulate my under stimulated mind
Vodka drinks or Purple haze, whatever I can find
I just want to fuzz my brain and to have a good time...a good time

I'm wasted again and I don't care
That's how I deal with boredom and despair
I wanna do wrong before I do right...tonight