Hyperactivity Disorder Letra

Joint Aktion


Letra de Hyperactivity Disorder
They began to see the signs I guess when I was only five
Calling mom to tell her I survived a ten foot dive
Burning kids clothes on yet another reckless crusade
Pissing in a jar and promoting it as lemonade

They told me I was hopeless, that I didn't stand a chance
Another high school dropout that didn't have any plans
Never learned to shut my mouth in class, every second was a bore
Declared myself a combatant and a prisoner of war

This is me, diagnosis unknown
Symptomatic, fucked up to the bone

Leaving school with nothing but a bunch of worthless grades
Flunked in eighteen classes so I guess that was not my trade
Mom still had her hopes up and dad didn't really care
All I ever wanted was to get the fuck out of there

They told me I was hanging with the worst of all the crowds
Drifting into adolescence breaking rules and being loud
I didn't want to grow up, it was all a pain to me
Fuck the anticipations and the responsibilities