Letra de Gasoline
I can't take it anymore
I'll smash the fucking door
Then I'll spread the gasoline
And light a match to wrap the scene

Yeah I can't take this anymore
It's worse than it was before
I want to die and resurrect
Because I need to disconnect

And before the night is over
I'll make my mind up
Surrender or never, never give up

Gasoline will solve my problems
They'll vanish in the fumes
And all my worries will be consumed

Gasoline will solve my troubles
They'll burn down to the ground
And through the rubble my wishes will resound

I told them once before
There will be blood and guts and gore
But they laughed in my face
So now I'm picking up the pace

I was shy and insecure
But now I've found a cure
Violence and rage
Gasoline and hate