Letra de It's Fiction
White like smoke bleeds into the open air
From dimly lit horizons bent on changing your mind
Toward something more anchored than I could ever be
Something more engaging and easier to see.
So quiet and calm in the sunlight on a sunday morning
Is all i expect from growing older
And more content with having little of what i wanted
And having little of what i have gained.
I'll forfeit what i'd like to call to call my home
And what little left that i own for a heartfelt apology
Or a heartfelt war.
I guess it's better if you lead us away.
Stay and celebrate the new year.
Fall asleep with your conscience right and your eyes set forward.
Remember those late night stories
And every wide-dream that left you singing
“O captain, o captain; can i find my way through this night
And am i welcome on my way back home?”
It's more than shallow water.
It's more than fertile land.
I remember every miscalculation and every slight of hand.
Stay and celebrate the new year.