Letra de Bang Bang
Can't take it away,
can't take it away,
I don't know why I cant control
but it seems that shes gettin' sentimental to me
every morning that I wake up in your room
and you'll be hangin' off every word
that I said,
and you'll be thinkin' I'm so wonderful
but you'll find out,
you'll find out,
ya'll gonna see myself,
ya'll gonna seriously,
ya'll gonna see myself
and the one you cant stop
and smother when I wanna go
even better that I wanna stick around
to say it to you,
the look in your eyes
you're not surprised
that I'm gonna leave you once again,
its not your fault-
and I got nothing for you-
baby its true-
rain cant stop no the rain cant stop
you're so predictable-
hate it when your down,
hate it when your down,
and I got nothin' that might cheer you up
all that I can offer you
is I wont come to your home