Letra de G.I.R.L.S.
And if you want to stop me from taking girls you know home
I think you learned the hard way that portraying me like an early j dean
and telling her what she should do is probably not the best for you

And I just made eye contact for a second nothing special kinda cute
but I was wasted and the jam was hot so I would have been dancing
and the chances of me and her only went up cause you

All the girls want me when they're told they can't have me and
I said all the girls that want me they can have me
And all the girls who know that they should move on and move out
Are now the ones who didn't listen and they're back at my crib

Poke her and I smile as I walk by and kind a laugh because we know
that she's been told to stay away and fed some stories
but she thinks I'm funny, those were other girls and she ain't listening to you

Normally nice guys gonna come last but her friends told her my past
I'm not so I just play it off and act like they all got me wrong
but don't convince to hard to ruin the hours of work her friends put too