Tomorrow's Calling Letra

Johnson's Noise

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Letra de Tomorrow's Calling
Tomorrow's calling, today is falling.
For what is lost can never be regained.
The tiny footsteps on what could be left.
The time has come to see what will remain.
The shadow's falling, the sun is calling out your name.
Winter's calling back again, injuries brought to an end.
It's cold now, make amends. Tomorrow who are you gonna send?
I've been shot down, torn from the ground.
Open your eyes even though it is too late.
Wide eyes drawn tight, just another sight.
Pushed back waiting, driving me insane.
Separated, for the second time this year.
I've finally made it, my point has become crystal clear.
I've been jaded, now with nothing left to fear.
Nothing wasted, not even all the tears.