Letra de The Fairwell Song
Why can't it stay like this for years?
You have confronted all my fears.
Moments worth a million times the tears.
Words were lost, they were sincere.
Times when I thought I had it all,
just to set myself up for a fall.
Seasons changed, we grew apart.
Feelings torn from my heart.
Since that day, nothing's been the same.
I know you more than just by your name.
Our futures were sealed by all the flames.
The memories gone, now it's too late.
The day has come, let's celebrate.
Times filled with equal shares of hate.
Is this the end? Is it too late?
Time will tell, why can't you wait?
Gripping onto the edge of my seat, wondering when we will next meet.
Why can't you just stay here with me? Left behind, now I see.