Letra de My Misery
I am never growing on the inside.
Life it seems has said goodbye.
The pain that came from all the lies still hurts when I have to wipe my eyes.
I tried so hard in letting go.
I tried to leave but you said no.
I cannot think on my own.
I have no strength and yet I see that I am you and you aren't me.
Stinging kisses left on my lips,
I remember that day and what I most miss.
The score is tied, we are to blame.
I stand helpless, crippled with shame.
You do not laugh, you do not cry.
White faced I stare as you go by.
Riddled with ideas of hate, malignant crimes free from fate.
The choice is made, it's too late.
Now you cannot turn away.
I still have things I cannot say.
Walking along that desperate line, one miss step and you'll fall behind.
Left with holes I cannot mend, death seems to be the one true end.
Staying near, curing fear, fulfilling me when you're not here.