Letra de Ever Changing
So this is how it ends, leave me here in the sky where I'll fight off the stars that once tried to smother us when I looked into your eyes.
Every day I try to dismiss you from my mind.
As strong as I may seem, you break me with your lies.
I'm more alone when I'm with you,
and you passed me by to look for something new.
Don't waste your time trying to find the missing key,
because what you're looking for is something I can't be.
How do I contend with the subtleties you use against me?
and do you ever stop to think, or is this all just real amusing?
I won't change myself to fit your needs.
Look up to the moon to see how lonely I feel.
You left me so cold, my mind wandering.
Just wait and see what tomorrow brings.
How could I not know, it was plain to see that you were just like me.
Just like me, you ignored the truth and turned your back on the streetlights.
Unlike you, I didn't reach into your dreams and crush your hopes tonight.