Letra de Just Another Girl
You always had a way with words

So you can just imagine when I heard

You said she would be your wife

Yeah it cut me like a knife

It wasn't very long ago

I was the one that you would hold

All through the night

Yeah so this just doesn't seem right

I could try and win you back

But I'm the one who left

Guess I gotta except that now I'm


Just another girl

Yeah, I'm just another girl

I used to be the queen

I used to be the one who rocked your world

And now I'm just another girl

Sure looks like you adjusted well

For someone who swore there was no one else

And I couldn't be replaced

That's obviously not the case

Peel away my coat of pride

You're bound to see the sting

Over some little ring

Now I'm...



Another time another place

Another girl another face