Reminder (My Nigga Song) Letra

Johnny Rain


Letra de Reminder (My Nigga Song)
I been on since way back
All my dues, paid back
From the land of train tracks
Haunted by the same past
LOM playbacks
This is for the ones that
Wonder where my lane went
They just wanna hear that old
Mr rain rain rain rain rain man
Why you ain't just say that?
Remember when I couldn't even get 100 for it?
Now 2 point something something
Something something is the budget for it
I'm the money boy
Not the one you should think about coming for
I know where to climb and I'm gunning for it
Made a paradigm out of paranoia
Mama told me shine boy the sun is yours
They just gave me 50 for the option
I'm just tryna provide for my family
Ima be every single motherfucking thing
That I planned to be, Trust me dawg
This shit ain't vanity
Ain't shit on accident
Made this shit just to show you where I'm at with it
Niggas been looking at me like
"Oh, that's finished, that's finished"
Nah nigga, I ain't finished

Im the man really with the shits
And I'm the man really with the funds
I'm the man that created it
All these new niggas really is my sons
I been working on my pop shit
A lot of y'all tried to box me
I don't ever like to box shit
Money is the only object
You want a feature? hit me with the budget
Could give a motherfuck less, you know my mother's, brother's, uncle's, nephew's, sister's son man
Am I missing something?
Don't make me have to hit you with the button
Don't make me cop the wagon, just to stunt
It's funny how just a few months go man
I was on the verge of flipping bricks or something
Tryna find a bank to hit a lick or something
Whatever it took me to get the money
Whatever it takes me to get the money

Stop complaining, just enjoy the ride
All this bullshit isn't worth my time
I'ma get paid either way it goes
I made this shit just to let you know

I still got it over here if you need it
Just me and my bitch in the cut when you see a nigga
Always po'd up, give a fuck if you see us nigga
Sipping slow, ain't nobody trippin over here hoe